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The law can be confusing and intimidating – at INeedAGoodLawyerNow.com, we are committed to sharing current legal information, to support you with easily understanding your legal options related to your family, finances, home and more.

INeedAGoodLawyerNow.com features educational information on various legal topics, written by lawyers who specialize in these areas of law and who personally assist people everyday.

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My name is Cindy Greenway and I’m the behind the scenes gal at INeedAGoodLawyerNow.com.  My goal is to ensure this website includes current and reliable information, to help you better understand the law and your legal choices, and connect you with quality legal professionals who can support you further with your legal concern.

INeedAGoodLawyerNow.com will be continuously updated to include resources, events, publications and other items that will make finding quality legal information a little bit easier.

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INeedAGoodLawyerNow.com provides current legal information to educate consumers on current legal trends and options.  We are not an attorney referral service, nor are we a law firm who can answer specific legal questions.    Please visit the Contact Us page if you need to reach us.

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