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Schlumberger Claims Its Corporate Counsel Stole Trade Secrets

  Schlumberger Ltd., the world’s largest oilfield services company, has sued its former deputy general counsel in charge of intellectual property, claiming that she stole the company’s trade secrets before leaving the company to join Acacia Research Group. Former Schlumberger counsel Charlotte Rutherford is now a senior vice president at Acacia.  She had been with […]

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US Supreme Court to Rule on Attorneys’ Fees in Patent Cases

In the case of Highmark Inc. v. Allcare Health Management Sys., the US Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on whether a district court’s finding that patent infringement litigation was objectively baseless, and thus supported an award of attorneys’ fees to the defendant, is best decided by a trial court judge. Allcare is the owner […]

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Supreme Court Rules Patent Holders Have Burden of Proof in Licensing Cases

The US Supreme Court has ruled that patent owners have the burden of proof when a patent licensee sues seeking a ruling that the patent is invalid and has not been infringed. In the case of Medtronic Inc. v. Boston Scientific Corp. et al., Medtronic had licensed defibrillator patents from Boston Scientific Corp.  Boston Scientific […]

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European Patent Office Translation Service Covers 32 languages

A year ahead of schedule, the European Patent Office (EPO) added eight more languages to its free machine translation service for patents, bringing the total to 32. The service now covers the 28 official languages of the EU’s member states, as well as Russian and several Asian languages. According to the EPO’s website: Patent Translate […]

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